If you would like to sponsor regular care for any of our hospice or long-term residents, please visit www.artbar-wv.org/donate

These are the resident pooches who may end up living out their lives with ARTBAR due to health or behavioral issues:

Scrappy, senior Dachshund/Beagle, mushy jawbone due to never getting dental care prior to rescue, requires special feeding technique, hospice foster. Intake Date 5/12/16

Sampson, senior Cocker Spaniel with chronic health issue, hospice foster. Intake date 1/18/17

Everly, senior Boxer with health issue, hospice foster. Intake date 2/22/18

Bella Rae, senior Yorkie, very frail, hospice foster. Intake date 6/2/18

Potter, senior Maltipoo, curmudgeon with limited sight/hearing, hospice foster. Intake date 7/6/16

Dover, senior hound with health issues, not dog friendly, hospice foster. Intake date 3/25/15

Raleigh Jean, middle-aged Shepherd/Norwegian Elkhound mix who was hit by a car twice (first time got no medical care). Months of work by Doc saved her, one leg doesn’t really work, part of tail had to be amputated. She’s bossy with female dogs. Available for adoption or rescue but she doesn’t get any interest despite being listed on adoption sites. Intake date 5/22/15