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ARTBAR’s vet bill is ever so s-l-o-w-l-y dropping and is now down to about $52,436. We try to pay $1,000 a week but since March we’ve been struggling to raise even that much each week. Intake is 99% shut down until we can get a handle on this and Jessica is still working double shifts due to the pandemic, so she’s not online much to help out with fundraising posts.

The reason this bill is so high that in the months before the pandemic we had quite a few orthopedic surgery dogs and those surgeries are typically $3,000-$5,000 each, so it added up quickly and then the pandemic caused donors to have to pull back financially because their jobs were shut down…so we basically had a perfect storm situation that crashed our fundraising flow. We’re hoping that things are back to normal for many of you. If so, can anyone help?

Please consider doing a recurring monthly donation, regardless of how much you can afford per month. We have people doing it at $5/month and a few doing it as high as $50/month. Automatic monthly donations really help to keep the cash flowing for vet bills. You can set it up using PayPal or your online checking account to mail a check to us each month. Scroll down for details on how to do either.

Donate Via

no fees
immediate delivery
best method
Donate Via

immediate delivery
Donate Via

no fees
takes awhile to get deposited
Donate Via Facebook
No fees.
We get it in about 6 weeks.
Donate via GoFundMe
We get it quarterly.

To send a payment directly to the vet, call Sheabel at 859-268-4444 and put it on the account for ARTBAR. Or mail them a check with ARTBAR vet bill donation on the memo line:
Sheabel Veterinary Hospital
2568 Richmond Rd
Lexington KY 40509

To donate to ARTBAR via check, send it to ARTBAR, Inc., PO Box 394, Lenore WV 25676

Help! Help me! I’m drowning in vet bills!

Current balance due on the vet bill:

Since mid-August we’ve managed to pay down $6,306 of the massive vet bill (see images for before/after comparison). We REALLY need help from any of our supporters who can afford to donate! Our rescue work is very, very minimal now because we don’t have enough cash flow to keep saving dogs. Please help!

We’re trying to raise $500 a day during this crisis to try to chip away at the vet bill. If you have any cash to spare, please consider helping us work on getting this paid off so we can reopen intake. If you can’t donate right now, we understand. Instead of donating, please help us out by spreading the word. Tell people what you know about us and ask them if they can help.

Jessica Hill White (the dog rescue warrior who runs ARTBAR) is currently working 16 hour days almost 7 days a week and hasn’t had much time to be online and show you her snarky fun self in action. I know you miss her posts. We do too! But I also know how much she would appreciate your help during this difficult time. She works in a nursing home, and it’s been a rocky ride. Thanks for anything you can do to help her out.

ARTBAR, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Donations sent directly to ARTBAR are tax deductible as permitted by law. We are able to save these animals due to the assistance of our supporters and we can’t thank you enough for believing in us.

Wish List
Donate via Venmo
Send Amazon gift cards to

  • We accept donations through: Venmo (preferred), Facebook, PayPal, and via check.
  • When you send via Venmo, it’s immediate and there are no fees. Please strongly consider getting a Venmo account to donate to us. It’s an app for your phone.
  • When you send via Facebook, there are no fees but it takes about 6 weeks to get to us.
  • When you send via PayPal, it’s instant but there are fees.
  • When you send a check, there are no fees but Jessica only gets to the bank once every 2-3 weeks because it’s not close to her and she’s always crazy busy.
  • In crisis situations, donations via Venmo are greatly preferred.
  • You can also make payments directly to Sheabel vet and put it on the account for ARTBAR.
  • Amazon Wish List
  • Kuranda Dog Bed donation program
  • Scroll down for information on passive fundraising you can do while you shop at Kroger (A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue) or Amazon.
  • You can start a fundraiser for us on Facebook. Select A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue.
  • We are enrolled with Ebay where you can designate a portion of your sale to be a donation to us.
  • Andy’s Paw Prints donates a portion of sales to us.
  • We are enrolled in Benevity, PayPal Giving and YourCause.
  • Search for us on the above sites as A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc.
  • Our mailing address is ARTBAR, PO Box 394, Lenore WV 25676
  • Our shipping address for FedEx/UPS packages is Jessica Hill White, 100 Hillcrest Drive, Williamson, WV 25661
  • Recurring donations information is below.
  • Scroll down for specifics on each donation method.
  • Find us on social media.
Venmo is the preferred method for donating to us. It’s an app for your phone. There are no fees. The donation gets to us instantly. Matching dollar challenges are done primarily through Venmo.

If you’re new to Venmo, download the app to your device, set up an account, log in and then click this Venmo link to get to our account. Friend us on Venmo and that’ll make it easier for you to find us in the future.

We need blankets! Found these at WalMart. They come in about 5 different varieties and sell for $4.96 per blanket. Much more plush than the $2.50 blankets! Photo of one style/color below.

Venmo is now our preferred method for receiving donations. It is as fast as PayPal with zero fees. It’s an app for your phone. Try it!

We are set up as a non-profit to accept donations via Facebook. Go to our Facebook page and click Donate. You can also set up a fundraiser for us by starting a Facebook post and choosing Support Nonprofit, then select A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc. Write a story about why you are supporting us and publish the post. Facebook donations are received by ARTBAR every 2 weeks (but runs about 6 weeks behind so what you are fundraising now will get to us in about 6 weeks). Facebook does not take out any fees. 100% of your donation gets to us.

PayPal (also for debit/credit cards) charges fees.
Click here to send a donation using PayPal (and if you want, you can check the box to make this a monthly recurring donation). PayPal charges ARTBAR fees of 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction so we do not receive 100% of your donation via PayPal. For example, on a $200 donation, we get $195.30. The rest is taken by PayPal.

Send to ARTBAR, Inc., PO Box 394, Lenore WV 25676. Mailed checks can take up to a month to be deposited since the mailbox is nowhere near where Jessica lives and it’s tough for her to get to the bank to do physical deposits. Never enough hours in her day! This is by far the slowest way to get your donation to us and should not be used for urgent situations. For urgent donation pleas, please use Venmo. That is now our preferred method for receiving donations.

Payment to Vet
If you prefer to pay our vet directly, we always have a running balance at Sheabel Vet Hospital. Call 859-269-7387 and put your donation on the account for ARTBAR. FYI, if you choose to donate directly to one of our veterinarians, your donation is not tax deductible but still very much appreciated!

Kuranda Dog Beds
We need more Kuranda dog beds!

Wish List/Supplies
Check out our Amazon wish list. We are currently in dire need of those gray plastic crates listed near the top of our wish list. Our shipping address is in the Amazon account, so no worries. It will get to us if you shop from our wish list.

Recurring Donations
If you would like to be a regular monthly supporter of our work, here’s how you can do that:

  • Online Checking Recurring Payment

If you have online access to your checking account and use a bill pay service (typically provided by your bank for free), you can set up ARTBAR in your bill payment center and then set up a recurring payment to us. Your bank will mail us a check every month. Set it up and forget it, but your donation is helping us save lives every month! There is typically no fee for this service and you don’t even have to pay for postage. 100% of your donation gets to us. If your bank system is good, you should even be able to categorize it as a donation so it will show up in your banking reports as a tax-deductible donation. Here is the information you need to set us up as a payment account in your Bill Pay Center: ARTBAR, Inc., PO Box 394, Lenore, WV 25676, 304-784-6678. No fees taken out.

You can also choose to make it a recurring payment when you donate to us via PayPal. Scroll down for PayPal information. Venmo does not currently have an option to make a payment repeat monthly.

Passive Fundraising (Kroger, Amazon, Ebay Selling)
You can help us without even sending a direct donation! How?

Support us on Kroger Community Rewards (sign up link) and Amazon Smile by selecting A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc. as your charity of choice. So far we get a lot more from Kroger than we do from Amazon, so if you shop at Kroger please sign up for this program!

If you sell on Ebay, you can now designate a portion of your sales to support us when you set up the listing! Ebay handles the disbursement of donations to us. Select A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc. as your charity of choice on Ebay.

Check to see if your employer offers a matching corporate donation program:

We are registered with Benevity Goodness Platform for corporate giving. Check with your employer to see if your company participates. Select A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc. (81-4845962).

We are registered with for corporate giving. Check with your employer to see if your company participates. Select A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc. (81-4845962).

ARTBAR’s Mailing Address
ARTBAR Inc., PO Box 394, Lenore WV 25676

ARTBAR’s Shipping Address
ARTBAR Inc., c/o Jessica Hill White, 100 Hillcrest Dr, Williamson, WV 25661