Charli and Angel have gone HOME!

Not many people will adopt old dogs. Then there are the few special people who will adopt an old dog with cancer and her middle-aged daughter just so they can stay together. Self-described “old geezers” are going to let these pooches live out their lives together! How awesome is that? Happy Gotcha Day Charli and…


2m  · Baker is so affectionate. He loves to be petted and rolls over for tummy rubs. I’ve been looking at his problematic “toe” and though I thought he’d previously had an ingrown mail that had been trimmed but left in the pad, that’s not the case. I don’t know what’s going on with it….

Tank needs our help!

Jessica Hill White 10m  · We were contacted this morning by an owner in Logan Co WV whose dog was hit by a car. Tank, who lives inside, was being walked on lead by his pregnant owner when he bolted after another dog and was hit by a car before his owner could catch him….

Oh, Baker!

Oh Baker, you are the best boy! I picked Baker up this evening from our local vet so I can get him home for a few days before taking him to Lexington to see Dr. Michelle Jude at Sheabel Veterinary Hospital. Oral tumors are pretty bad news and usually fast growing and today I found…

Charli is seeking a retirement home

Charli is seeking a retirement home where she can be loved and spoiled. She was surrendered to us by her former owner due to the owner’s declining health. She is 14 years old and weighs about 20 lb. 5/5/21 Charli had her mammary tumors removed. Lab result came back as: mammary cancer. Report says 22%…