Oh, Baker!

Oh Baker, you are the best boy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I picked Baker up this evening from our local vet so I can get him home for a few days before taking him to Lexington to see Dr. Michelle Jude at Sheabel Veterinary Hospital.

Oral tumors are pretty bad news and usually fast growing and today I found a nodule on his chest. 😞 I am hoping to at least shrink the tumor some way.

Baker eats soft food and he’s the first dog we’ve had with an oral tumor in this area. I believe Sampson’s was on his lower jaw. Right now he’s enjoying a soft bed and the ride home. He is absolute perfection. He’s very gentle. He came neutered but I don’t know much of his past other than his owner died, he was left behind in the house and the sheriff’s office rescued him.

If you watch the video until the end you can see the tumor more clearly.

Our friends at The Paw Patrol reached out to us about Baker. We’ve saved some great dogs through this friendship.

We’re looking a very hefty bill here and Baker will be worth every penny.

If you can help us help him…


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