Meet Beasley (updated)

Feb 24 update: Beasley has an appointment to go see Dr. Jude at Sheabel on Monday 2/28. We haven’t even made a dent in getting enough donations to cover his vetting! Please donate and put Beasley in the comment!

Beasley needs surgery, either a repair or an amputation to his front right leg. He belongs to another southern rescue we are friends with and they need financial assistance to get what’s needed. We’ve made him an account at Sheabel especially for him in the hope that our donors will help out with what’s needed. Once enough money is raised, Beasley can have the surgery.

You can also call your donation in direct to Sheabel 859-269-7387 and put it on ARTBAR’s account specifically for Beasley.

His current rescue is going to take him to their local vet for X-rays and send those over to Sheabel so they can assess which surgery he needs and work up an estimate for us. We’ll post an update once we have that estimate.

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