Donate/Wish List

2/24: Beasley is headed to Sheabel on Monday and we don’t have enough to cover his medical care!

2/5: We’ve taken in two litters of sick puppies this week! Vetting is going to be expensive! Funds are low! Please donate asap!

Best Donation Method

Venmo to — FYI you can link a debit or credit card to this instead of sending us paper checks. Automatic recurring monthly donations are not available via Venmo, please use PayPal for that. Venmo is going to start charging fees for funds that are for “goods or services” so please put donation in as a comment when you send us a donation through Venmo. UPDATE: They’ve now added a check box for goods/services, please DO NOT check that box when using Venmo for donations.

PayPal to or — FYI you can set up a recurring monthly donation by checking the box on the link. PayPal does take a fee so if you can add an extra dollar or two to help cover that, it’s greatly appreciated!

We are a small, rural, 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue located in southwestern WV (Mingo County) near the star in the logo above. Donations are needed to help with vetting for new intakes.

Wish List

Venmo is our preferred fundraising method. No fees when the comment is donation and the money gets to us fast. Please make sure you put the word donation in when you send us donations through venmo. Instead of mailing us a check, you can link Venmo to your debit or credit card to send donations. Every other donation method takes a fee. If you send us $40 via PayPal, ARTBAR only gets $38.82. PayPal takes 2.95% of your donation. To get ALL of your donation to us, use Venmo.

Donate via PayPal.

Donation Methods:

PREFERRED/BEST DONATION METHOD: Venmo – no fees, immediate arrival. Search the Venmo app for phone number 304-784-6678 or click here to join/friend us on Venmo. Once you friend us, it’s easier to find us in the future. Link your credit or debit card to Venmo and use that instead of mailing us a check.

Checks coming from donor funds are still fine to send. No fees. Small checks are a logistical nightmare for us, so for small donation amounts ($5 up to $250) we request that you use Venmo instead (link to your debit or credit card). The app for our bank that allows us to deposit checks isn’t always running correctly (sometimes duplicates the check deposit) so Jessica does not want to use that app for deposits which means she has to find the time to go to the PO box (which isn’t nearby) and then go to the bank (which isn’t nearby). Basically nothing is nearby and there’s never enough hours in the day. LOL

Checks from donor funds or grant disbursements. Make check payable to ARTBAR, Inc. and mail it to PO Box 394, Lenore WV 25676.

GiveButter gives you more ways to donate (including Venmo) but also lets you follow the progress of each fundraising campaign as it moves toward reaching its goal. Set up a recurring monthly donation to ARTBAR (using Venmo through GiveButter). No fees IF you use Venmo. Other payment options take a fee.

NEW! Text-To-Donate For a one-time donation, text artbar to 2028581233. For a repeating monthly donation, text ARTBARmo to 2028581233. Add this to your phone contacts: Donate to ARTBAR 202-858-1233 and add these notes: to donate once, text artbar, to set up a recurring monthly donation text artbarmo. Fees

PayPal takes a fee unless you send it as friends/family. If you send us $40, ARTBAR only gets $38.82. PayPal keeps 2.95% of your donation. Our paypal email is (make sure to put the . between artbar and wv or we don’t get it.)

Facebook – Go to our Facebook page and click the Donate button. The donation will get to us in about 6 weeks. No fees. Due to the time delay, not the best option for emergency medical case animals but very suitable for ongoing expenses as this option brings in a little cash flow to ARTBAR every 2 weeks.

Other Ways to Support ARTBAR

Listed in order by where we get the most donations from, highest to lowest:

Kroger Community Rewards (see image below text) – If you shop at Kroger, get a Community Rewards card and link it to A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc. via their website. Then every time you shop, ARTBAR gets a little. Surprisingly this brings in quite a bit more than AmazonSmile each quarter! September 2021 we got $773.29.

Giving Tuesday in November each year – Some years we do ok. Most years we don’t get much. Maybe because our supporters are contributing regularly throughout the year. Thank you donors! We do appreciate EVERYONE who puts up a Facebook fundraiser for us on Giving Tuesday! If a bunch of you did it for $200 each, we could probably get a few thousand raised on that day.

Amazon Smile – Right now we don’t get much from this. December 2020 we got $69.75. It’s rarely over $100 each quarter. Help spread the word! Ask people to shop at and select A Reason to Believe Animal Rescue, Inc. as their charity of choice.

Ebay – You can support us by selecting A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc. as your charity of choice.

Andy’s Paw Prints donates a portion of sales to us. Let them know you’re an ARTBAR supporter!

Become a Grant Writer for ARTBAR. Right now we get zero dollars from grants. We are seeking an experienced grant writer to help us find, apply for, and track monies for grants. If experienced and interested (or willing to take an online course and learn), please contact us. You must be a go-getting, self-starter for this position, detail oriented and reliable, reporting in to us weekly.

Please subscribe to our site and share our weekly newsletter online to help spread the word about ARTBAR’s work!

Corporate/Matching Donations

Benevity – check with your employer

YourCause – check with your employer


ARTBAR, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Donations sent directly to ARTBAR are tax deductible as permitted by law. We are able to save these animals due to the assistance of our supporters and we can’t thank you enough for believing in us.

Wish List/Supplies

ARTBAR Addresses

  • Our mailing address is ARTBAR, Inc., PO Box 394, Lenore WV 25676
  • Our shipping address for FedEx/UPS packages is Jessica Hill White, ARTBAR, Inc.,100 Hillcrest Drive, Williamson, WV 25661
  • Find us on social media.

We always need more blankets! These Sherpa blankets are inexpensive and quite comfy too. They are so plush we can use them as a bed for smaller dogs.

Use this link to set up a recurring monthly donation!