Mia Update

I got an update on Mia today  not only does she love laying on the couch she has to be in her bed while laying on the couch  I love these updates. 

I’ll Miss You, Holt

An Ode to Holt and fostering, written by his foster mom, Alissa Rife. Rescuing dogs has driven me insane but I’ve found my soul doing this, I think you just have to be born with a passion for this to do it. It isn’t for everyone and everyone shouldn’t do it. I’ve been at this…

Three more dogs incoming!

Here are three more dogs we want to help in a nearby shelter!   Thank God we have 29 or 30 leaving to our partner rescues on Saturday! LOL The two on the right have health issues and landed in the pound after their senior owner died. We need to raise $125 each for vetting…


Meet Roman!!! A month ago we took Roman’s mom and sibling from under an abandoned house but before we got to them, someone took one  home. We have him now because he was too hyper and was surrendered to rescue. Gee a puppy hyper? Who would have guessed it? Anyway he’s safe now, but we need $50 to…

Holt is back from his (hopefully) final surgery

9/11 – Holt is headed back to foster. They expect a full recovery!!! Now to get ready to meet his adopters… THANK YOU to all of the supporters and everyone who networked for donations for Holt. If you’re new to our blog, you can read his intake story here. www.artbar-wv.org/donate      

Take in another dog

Every. Day. It’s never ending down here, folks. www.artbar-wv.org/donate

Rose: Before and After

Rose’s before and after July 25th and September 4th When we took in Rose as a stray, she was severely emaciated, had sarcoptic mange and a skin infection. She had a small mammary tumor at that time but she was in no shape for surgery so we had to wait it out. Once Rose was…

We need more slip leads!

The dogs have either worn out or chewed through our supply of slip leads. Can anyone send us a couple? They’re at the top of our wish list. Color choice is up to you! Pick your favorite.  

Holt needs another surgery!

Holt went back to his surgeon today because of the knots that popped up on his surgical leg. And in regular Holt fashion …. he still isn’t catching a break. His artificial ligament is infected and has to be removed next week after antibiotics.  Thankfully Dr. McNeal says the ligament served it’s purpose before his…