Sweetheart update Feb 9

Jessica Hill White

  · Feb 9, 2022 at 2:13 PM  · Sweetheart went in today to see the second vet. X-rays were obtained this time as well labs and we will have those results back within a couple days.

Dr. V said she doesn’t expect there to be any lasting effects from head trauma and that her pupils are now responding to light the way they should.

She’s changing her antibiotic because her lungs are bruised and that can change over to pneumonia easily so this antibiotic is better for her.

We are waiting on the 6 images of her head, chest and abdomen to be reviewed by a specialist, but all reflexes are working normally.

There is some concern as she has not pooped since intake but Dr. V says it’s likely just from being so sore and that makes sense.

Today’s visit is over $800 and well worth it to not feel like something could have been missed.

That’s two sick litters and a dog hit by car, plus we have another going in for surgical assessment for tumor debulking/removal.

We need donations to continue intakes. http://www.artbar-wv.org/donate

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