Welcome Ziva to ARTBAR!

This cutie pie (Ziva) and her mom (Charli) were recently surrendered to ARTBAR due to their owner being in medical crisis. Both dogs are a medical mess. Ziva had surgery to have mammary tumors removed, blood work, spay, and a dental plus regular vetting. Better days are ahead for Ziva! Now we need help covering…

ARTBAR just took in 4 weak and wormy puppies

They were living outside and mostly ignored. In rough shape as you can see. We rushed them to the vet and fortunately they are parvo negative but are loaded with parasites and dehydrated. We need to raise about $75 per pup to treat them Can anyone help? https://artbar-wv.org/donate

Update on ARTAR’ bill at Sheabel Vet

We’re still working on paying off the covid-era vet bill at Sheabel. Here’s the latest update: Our balance due as of this morning is $8,900. Who can help us pay off this final $4,400? https://artbar-wv.org/donate

Frankie Update

We just got this awesome update from Frankie’s new mom: Frankie is now 34-35 pounds so great progress, up from 31 about a week ago. He’s so smart and creative.  I have been setting up extra water stations for him and today when one of them was empty he picked up the bowl and brought…

Help ARTBAR save this stray!

ARTBAR wants to intake this stray that’s been roaming for awhile. Who can help pay for the vetting? https://artbar-wv.org/donate

Chloe is available for adoption in northeastern PA

Chloe is active and agile and very smart/busy, so her foster mom is being very particular about her placement to ensure that Chloe has the most enriching and active life possible and her adopters are happy about the match. She would like to find Chloe a home with a big fenced yard (at least 4′…

Any Matching Donor Offers Available?

We’re trying to figure out ways to pay off that final $13K+ at Sheabel Vet. Does anyone want to put up a matching donor offer? For example, you offer $500 if people can match it in 1 day, which allows you and the other donors to “double your donation.” Please contact us if you can…

3D Printed Dog Jaw

Not an ARTBAR dog but we found this story so fascinating, we just had to share it. https://www.blendernation.com/2019/01/03/worlds-first-3d-printed-dog-jaw-graphic-visuals-warning/