Meet Polly

Jessica Hill White

  · February 5 at 2:58 PM  · Meet Polly

Here’s a video of Polly showing how large this growth is.

Polly is loved and cared for to the best of her owner’s financial and health ability and she is not an ARTBAR dog; HOWEVER, Polly needs care that cannot be medically done by any vet in our area and will likely be expensive. We will be sending her to Sheabel Vet for assessment and hopefully surgery to give her a better quality of life and some more time with her human.

Polly lives inside. She just lost her senior brother a month ago. Her first owner who passed away had this growth removed once about 4 years ago and the vet told them then it would return. Since then that owner passed and Polly ended up where she is now with her human … who also has cancer among other health issues. Her owner is a very nice lady who doesn’t have much and yet gives to others. This is a situation where everyone can win and Polly can keep her home where she is definitely loved. We want to help. We need help getting her to Sheabel Vet in Lexington KY and we need donations for her surgery. Can anyone help with either of these things?

If anyone would like to call in a donation directly to the vet, call 859-269-7387 and tell them to put it on ARTBAR’s account for Polly.

Donations made directly to the vet are not tax deductible. If you want to be able to deduct it on your taxes, please use our donate link above.

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