Stressed to the max! We’re broke and turning dogs away!

Can anyone help? I’m stressed to the max! I’ve turned away countless dogs today: puppies, seniors, sick, neglected, and abused dogs. Until we get out of debt I just don’t know what to do! Summer is the biggest dumping time of the year! I need your help. Can anyone donate? No amount is too small!…

Urgently need a local in Lenore to help find a dog hit by car

5/24/18: Does anyone live near the gas station in Lenore? There’s a small dog hit by car that rolled over the embankment. Jessica needs local help … someone to go there and try to find the dog. She looked this morning but couldn’t find it and had to go to work. It’s a small dog….

Soul for Sale

Jessica Hill White 17 hrs · Soul for sale. No guarantees on where it’s going to end up.  Slightly warped and dark. Old, not sure how many lifetimes it’s been through but in fair condition. Money will be used to help pay off the rescue’s debt!!! Seriously, we have to have donations! Intake is closed…

Buttercup Update

ARTBAR alumni Buttercup, has passed away. I received news yesterday from her Rescue that after chronic urinary tract infections. Yesterday she was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was in pain. Once butter left me she went to PA where she lived for several months with her dad, an elderly man whom she was crazy about…

Welcome Taloola Beagle to ARTBAR!

Taloola was a stray who  was taken in a couple of months ago by a lady who takes in local strays and tries to help them. She is gentle, loving, and a lap dog.  Any beagle lovers out there want to donate for her vetting?