Buttercup Update

ARTBAR alumni Buttercup, has passed away.

I received news yesterday from her Rescue that after chronic urinary tract infections. Yesterday she was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was in pain. Once butter left me she went to PA where she lived for several months with her dad, an elderly man whom she was crazy about and he for her.

Buttercup was a very insecure dog but was wonderful with other dogs, enjoying best friend time with several dogs at Doc’s clinic but was besties with Candy, another very scared and insecure dog. Butter could be less than friendly but did especially love Tammy at Doc’s office and did grow to love me once she had to LOL. She turned into a very loving dog here.

Butter was a senior we accepted from an local old lady along with three others. Unfortunately the woman was mentally unstable and due to her negligence one of the three passed away shortly after we got them.

Thank you to her rescue for the update and accepting her into your rescue.


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