Sprite Update (10/31 2:02 pm)

Sprite, our newest emergency has a large bladder stone. She’s completely blocked by stone , the doctor was able to pull 60cc of bloody urine to give her relief. She’s going into emergency surgery. She has started fluids and antibiotics. Possibly septic. She’s is very small and middle aged. She was found yesterday. 💔 No…

Winslet Update (10:31 1:31 pm)

Vet says Winslet is doing a lot better. Blood sugar is 157. She has taken wormer and antibiotic orally. She is even eating small amounts of food, I’m assuming wet food, every couple of hours.

New Emergency! Sprite! Poodle Mix (10/31 1:01 pm)

New EMERGENCY ********* This small poodle was just found as a stray. Very sickly. Horrible odor coming from somewhere yet to be identified was brought into one of our vets for euthanasia. Donations needed!!!www.artbar-wv.org/donate Update #1: Large mass palpated in abdomenAwaiting X-ray Update #2: stone, possible sepsis. We have named her Sprite.

Winslet Update

Winslet update***She made it through the night! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️She is now conscious and walking around, but still very weak with diarrhea and not eating. Shane is on his way now to get her to transfer her to another vet for the day. I’m so thankful. So, so thankful.We pushed for her even when I didn’t know…

Annual blanket call!

Tis the season! These are great for rescue! https://www.facebook.com/137894782932692/photos/a.682998658422299/2460607043994776/?type=3&theater Shipping address is Jessica Hill White, 100 Hillcrest Drive, Williamson WV 25661


EMERGENCY ************ On way to emergency vet in Kanawha County WV This tiny puppy was just found in a ditch full of water along the road. She or he is vomiting water and pooping blood. The finder reached out to one of our volunteers. ARTBAR has stepped up to bat for this baby but the…