Sheeba news!

SHEEBA’S SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT: Sheeba made the front cover of a magazine!!! She will also be a special guest at the Pet Expo in Altoona, PA on October 28!!! Shane Snyder (Sheeba’s dad)

Injured mom and 10 newborns dumped in shelter

I saw moms face and my heart broke  This family was brought to the shelter today She has nine newborns and look at her. This kills me . I have committed to them . I don’t have the money . I don’t have the space but I have to make a way. PLEASE DONATE!!!!!!!

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Please pray for Penn and Olive

Penn came to us a few days ago and is very sick. He’s staggered around, front paws don’t work well, couldn’t see well, and was possibly having seizures. After a few days at the vet and multiple tests run, the vet feels he’s had a traumatic brain injury. A few days in, his sight came…

Holt didn’t get adopted

It turned out Holt wasn’t a fan of the adopter’s other dog. No love connection. So he’s back in his foster home and has now started to play with the smaller dogs and pups there. It seems Holt prefers to be the big dog in his forever home. Naptime after playtime: