Please pray for Penn and Olive

Penn came to us a few days ago and is very sick. He’s staggered around, front paws don’t work well, couldn’t see well, and was possibly having seizures.

After a few days at the vet and multiple tests run, the vet feels he’s had a traumatic brain injury. A few days in, his sight came back but his legs are still not functioning properly and his appetite comes and goes.

Penn had been living by a gas station and surviving by being fed by locals, but someone told us some locals were mean to him. Perhaps he was it on the head by one of the mean people. He has no signs of external injuries, so it’s likely it was blunt force trauma that caused it. If only people had brought him to our attention before he was injured…

He spent his last couple of days at the vet kenneled with Olive Beagle, which seemed to give him some comfort.

Olive had a HUGE hernia repaired while she was there for her other vetting. Can you believe someone was still using her to hunt in this condition?

As always, we need your support to help with their vet bills.

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