Chloe is available for adoption in northeastern PA

Chloe is active and agile and very smart/busy, so her foster mom is being very particular about her placement to ensure that Chloe has the most enriching and active life possible and her adopters are happy about the match.

She would like to find Chloe a home with a big fenced yard (at least 4′ high) and adopter(s) who are into obedience and maybe even agility. Hiking and back packing are another plus in her adoptive home. Or jogging…

Chloe is not for the couch potato types or young children or senior citizens.

Despite her cute, scruffy looks, Chloe’s not much of a cuddle bug until you’ve basically exhausted her. Think Jack Russel Terrier who’s into agility but in a cute, scruffy coat.

Terrier lovers with an active lifestyle who are into obedience (and maybe agility) training are what she’s looking for.

To inquire about Chloe please visit her rescue’s website.

Please share this page to PA adopters who might be what Chloe’s looking for.

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