Holt needs another surgery!

Holt went back to his surgeon today because of the knots that popped up on his surgical leg.

And in regular Holt fashion …. he still isn’t catching a break. His artificial ligament is infected and has to be removed next week after antibiotics. 

Thankfully Dr. McNeal says the ligament served it’s purpose before his body started rejecting it.

We’ve done all this to save Holt’s leg. Most dogs do wonderfully and recover quickly after amputation but Holt is a 70 lb dog and it’s his front leg. He would have a hard time with that loss. So we trudge forward with what we can to save it.

I’m awaiting an email with the estimate for surgery. I know you guys love Holt like we do and will come through with donations like you always do. You haven’t failed him yet. Who wants to go first?


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