Tank needs our help!

Jessica Hill White

10m  · We were contacted this morning by an owner in Logan Co WV whose dog was hit by a car.

Tank, who lives inside, was being walked on lead by his pregnant owner when he bolted after another dog and was hit by a car before his owner could catch him. The owner paid for the initial exam but does not have the money for the $2,500 bone surgery needed to save his leg.

I talked to Dr. Knowles and the surgery can be done today or tomorrow. We usually don’t pay for vetting and let owners keep their dogs but this dog lives inside and it was just an accident. Before anyone says amputation is cheaper: yes it is but I will not take a dog’s leg unless absolutely necessary. This is a young dog. There is no nerve damage. The only reason to take the leg would be because it’s cheaper and that’s not how we do shit around here. I’d rather pay the $2,500 (plus $50 because we are also neutering him) and the dog keep his leg 🤷🏻‍♀️

We need donations to help this family stay together and to help Tank keep his leg.


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