We have 5 dogs heading to Sheabel!

String Bean for hernia surgery and eval Pixie for a dental Roxy for a dental Baby Starfish for her legs which still aren’t working properly Sweets, possible diabetes, eval Donations needed to help these 5!

Seeking weekday driver help

To move dogs between ARTBAR (Lenore WV) and Sheabel Vet (Lexington KY). If you can help, please email artbar.wv@gmail.com

Purina Dog Food

We’re on the hunt for a source of donated Purina dog food. We did contact Purina and apply for food, but they said no. Rescue Bank does not serve our area. Nobody serves our area, probably because we are so rural and aren’t big enough to get them the positive press they are seeking. If…

Rest in peace, Weenie


Dog Beds and Blankets Needed!

We’ve just updated our wish list. We’re in need of washable cotton blankets for the sick/injured dogs that are coming out of the vet and into foster. They need snuggly beds too, for warmth and recovery.

Baby Starfish update #1

Meet Starfish. Approximately 4 month old female. Found under a cliff. Can’t walk, stand, or control bladder. However, prognosis is good. Vet believes it’s a pinched nerve near base of skull that should resolve with meds and rest. She also has a hairline fracture near her wrist, but it doesn’t need set or splinted.

Jessica begging for donations

Jessica Hill White 22 mins · Do any drug dealers have any drugs they would like to donate to ARTBAR for me to sell? Do any prostitutes want to donate their services for 1 night so ARTBAR can profit off of your “sales” Money’s tight homie, just trying to make a better life for the…