Roxy’s Vet Bill

Roxy’s vet bill at Dr. D’s is being paid off today. Thank you, ARTBAR supporters!

Shaebel Vet Bill

Thanks to you, our supporters, the bill at Shaebel Vet for the dogs with surgeries has been paid off!

Max Update

Max just finished a short walk in his wheelchair and is now resting with a pal. ❤️

Wally Update

Here’s an update on Wally. He’s the hound I found walking around Walmart and he jumped right in the car and laid down (first picture). It was starting to rain the day I found Wally. No one claimed him. Wally has since been adopted. He’s now a house dog and knows what it feels like…

A Post from Liz McCraw

Liz Nagengast McCraw 3 hrs · Finally a weekend off to drive a leg of transport. I’m always asked about who exactly is rescuing these treasures we sometimes help to transport. Is it a municipal animal warden, a national non-profit? Well, in rural West Virginia along the Kentucky border it’s two incredible Wife/Mom/Nurses who are…

Picking up an injured owl

It was hit by a car last night. Taking to vet. If it survives, it will be transferred to a licensed wildlife rehabber.

Pearlie Update

Pearlie still isn’t strong enough to get up on her own or walk but she’s looking better. Alissa is going in today to vet some of our other animals so she will get to meet her, lucky. Thank you to everyone that has donated to her care and believes in our underdogs. ❤️ ARTBAR has…

Emaciated Husky Emergency!

Update 6/7: GOAL REACHED! Thank you, supporters! ***Emergency***This dog was brought into one of our vets offices to be euthanized. She was found in the mountains yesterday stuck in mud and was refusing to eat or drink. The vet staff felt like there was hope for her and have contacted us to take her in….

Tenzin has been adopted!

ARTBAR alum, Tenzin, has found his forever home. Foster fail for Trish McDonald. 😂 He stayed with her for awhile for hip surgery/recovery time. By the time he was recovered, she realized he was already home.