Animals saved in 2018

2018 ARTBAR intake numbers :

439 dogs
16 cats
6 opossum*
5 owls*
2 fawn*
1 chicken
1 crow*
1 rooster
1 squirrel*
1 horse

Total saves in 2018: 473 animals (not including all of the turtles that Jessica and Wes have helped across the roadways).

*All surviving wildlife was transferred to a licensed wildlife rehab facility. We only pick up injured wildlife and never keep them as pets or place them up for adoption to anyone. If they survive long enough for us to transfer them to the rehab facility, that’s where they go. If they recover fully and are able to survive in the wild, the rehab facility releases them back to the wild.

Average cost of each domestic animal supplies/vetting/transport: $215.52

In 2018, ARTBAR was $1,453.19 short to cover expenses. We came very close to breaking even!

THANK YOU to all of our supporters and volunteers! Thank you to our transport drivers, partner rescues, veterinarians, and staff at the shelters we work with. We could not do this without every single one of you!

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