ARTBAR is dreaming big for Giving Tuesday!

We’re just going to toss this out to the Universe and ask everyone to share it around on Giving Tuesday.

ARTBAR’s fundraising has all but stalled due to COVID, but our vet bill didn’t. So we’re sitting with a vet bill of around $50,000 at the moment.

Somewhere out there is a rich dog lover who’s looking to help out a small rural dog rescue.

Tell them about us. Tell them to go to our home page and scroll down past our logo to view our blog posts so they can read about the dogs we’ve saved this year and can see the updates posted about our vet bill.

Are you out there, rich benefactor(s)? We need you! The dogs need you. Here’s the link to our donate page. You can even call it in directly to our vet. Thanks for helping us get ARTBAR back in the black!

Jessica Hill White
Founder & President
A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc.
Lenore, WV

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