Can you do it? Daily goal…

Help me! I’m drowning in vet bills!

Hey ARTBAR supporters, can you help us out? We’re drowning in vet bills, tens of thousands! We’ve had lots of medical case dogs in the past three months requiring ortho surgeries, so the bill got ahead of us.

We’re trying to raise $500 a day during this crisis to try to chip away at the vet bill. If you have any cash to spare, please consider helping us work on getting this paid off so we can reopen intake. If you can’t donate right now, we understand. Instead of donating, please help us out by spreading the word. Tell people what you know about us and ask them if they can help.

Jessica Hill White (the dog rescue warrior who runs ARTBAR) is currently working 16 hour days almost 7 days a week and hasn’t had much time to be online and show you her snarky fun self in action. I know you miss her posts. We do too! But I also know how much she would appreciate your help during this difficult time. She works in a nursing home, and it’s been a rocky ride. Thanks for anything you can do to help her out.

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Or you can call it in to Sheabel Vet and put it on ARTBAR’s account: 859-269-7387

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