First, the good news…

First the good news: Multiple medical case dogs were released from Sheabel vet and have gone on to their rescues, including Percy (2 ortho surgeries + rehab), Harriet (a variety of ailments, dental, eye treatment), Pan (regular vetting), Dexter (broken jaw requiring multiple surgeries), Demi (regular vetting), Rocko (2 ortho surgeries + rehab). Thank you rescues!

Rocko’s 2 back legs were broken and healed incorrectly, requiring 2 ortho surgeries and months of rehab.

Now the bad news, all of these surgeries are NOT cheap! Once a dog is released from Sheabel they are added to our balance due. We currently owe almost $49,000 to the vet! As you can see, the pandemic has done a number on our fundraising and we’re WAYYYY behind on paying the vet bill. We desperately need help from anyone who can afford to spare a dollar or five or five hundred or five thousand! Please help us get the word out. Donate if you can.

Dexter’s jaw was broken and his mouth could not close. He could not eat. He would have starved to death without medical intervention. He needed 2 jaw surgeries to repair the damage. has all the various ways you can donate.

If anyone would like to do a matching donor offer, please email us at with the details.

Thanks for anything you can do!

Percy’s x-ray showing knee displacement
Balance due as of 5/12 is $48,718.80. Sheabel phone number is 859-268-4444 if you want to send a donation directly to the vet’s office.
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