Frankie Update

Jessica Hill White

2h  · Sweet Frankie is awake and recovering for his mass removal. The mass had a necrotic center. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable and sick Frankie must have felt probably for a very long time. Pieces of the mass have been sent for biopsy. The mass is fatty like a lipoma which is nothing but that center is concerning. You can watch the whole surgery here. It’s a pretty gross surgery and mass exploration. Not for the weak.

Frankie has a new lease on life now, I hope. Just having that basketball-sized mass out of his abdomen is a huge relief. He’s emaciated from the mass pressing on his stomach and I’m hoping that’s the only reason. There is more vetting to come for Frankie. He’s probably 10ish and I’m not sure how he got to the shelter we pulled him from. The mass weighed 13.9 lbs. Frankie’s weight before surgery was 39 lb. He know weighs about 25 lb and should probably weigh more like 30-35 lb.

Thank you to Dr. Michelle Jude who always comes through for our dogs and her staff.

Donations are still needed for Frankie, we are far from goal.

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