Henrietta beagle needs help!

Jessica Hill White

17h  · Henrietta was found this evening on the mining road where I live almost in the same spot that I found Harriet Beagle and Harlow Beagle years ago. Her eyes remind me a lot of Harlow Beagle’s.She looks older in the face but her teeth aren’t horrid. Her hair feels coarse even clean and she has several mammory tumors including a large, strange one that’s very lumpy and bumpy and seems to even both mammory chains. She’s quite itchy, she has irritated feet from chewing them, I’ve given her some medication to stop the itching stop but it will take a few doses. She had a couple ticks which I’ve removed. She was very dirty but did very well during her bath. She’s nervous but friendly and gentle. Thanks Amber White for stopping to help her! She will need to get to Sheabel Veterinary Hospital for the mammory tumors Can anyone donate for her vetting http://www.artbar-wv.org/donate

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