In Memorium

We’ve had so many amazing saves, but man if we haven’t had some hard losses. These faces are just a drop in the bucket… some old, some young… but all loved.

Some passed here. Some passed after adoption like Claire Pug, Harriet Beagle, & Buttercup. Some passed only hours after coming to us like LuLu and Midas. Some were unexpected like Thompson and Samantha Joan. Some like Lady & Thurston lived far longer than I thought they would.

One thing they all have in common besides the love… none of them passed alone. All dogs deserve someone until the end.

Lady – renal failure 

Harriet Beagle – lung cancer 

Thompson – heart attack 

Buttercup – bladder cancer 

LuLu – bone cancer 

Claire Pug – breast cancer/ lung cancer 

Samantha Joan – unknown 

Midas – hit by car prior to coming to us 

Thurston Beagle – massive stroke 

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