Little Sally has been adopted!

Adopters who took Fancy into their home in 2019 lost their senior pooch not too long ago. They reached out to our partner rescue to let them know they were looking to adopt another similarly sized pooch as a match for Fancy. When Sally became available, the rescue had a feeling it would be a great fit. And it was! Here’s some photos of Sally in her forever home with her new sister Fancy. Fancy is only 9 lb but looks huge next to little Sally!

We hear there’s a lot of shopping trips in her future. She loves going to the store to pick out new toys and other things and they said she told them her coat is definitely not long enough for the cold winters where they live, so she will need a good sized sweater wardrobe.

The adopters tell us she likes to collect toys from around the house and bring them into her dog bed tent for safekeeping. Have a great life, Sally!
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