Mark your calendars!

Hi Supporters!

Giving Tuesday is December 3 this year. We haven’t decided what we’re going to do yet for our fundraising campaign. We just wanted to give you a heads up to mark your calendars. This is the biggest fundraising day of the year and sometimes there’s ways to pick up matching dollars from some online venues or even via your employer’s matching donations fund.

So the reason for our heads up is to let you know if you plan to donate on #GivingTuesday (December 3, 2019) you have plenty of time to look around for ways to increase or match your donation.

And please put a notification on your calendar to remind you that’s the day to send in a donation! Some matching dollars are only available early in the morning. Last year we were able to snag some matching donations provided by Facebook starting at 8 am. (I can’t remember if that was eastern or pacific time, so keep an eye out for it this year and check the time zone.)

In the meantime, perhaps you can introduce some friends and family to ARTBAR. Put the word out about ARTBAR’s work on social media and get them to follow our work. The more people who know about us, the better chances we have at not only fundraising but also finding forever homes for our long term fosters who aren’t in hospice. Our adoption page is and there’s a link on there to view pets that are available to adopters in northeastern states. Jessica definitely wants to do a direct adoption with Judy, the senior beagle. If you already follow Jessica on Facebook, you may have seen some of her conversations with Judy.

Our Facebook Page is:

And ask them to follow Jessica on Facebook: – They have to FOLLOW instead of FRIEND because she’s at her max for friend requests.

We also have a Facebook group:

They can also subscribe to our email list, which is especially useful for getting updates if they are not active on social media.

Feel free to forward this email to you animal-loving friends and family!

Interested in adopting? One of our former fosters (Levi) is currently available to adopters in the general vicinity of northeastern Pennsylvania. Click the link to view his bio. He is fostered in the Poconos with one of our rescue partners. He’s young (about 12-14 months old) and only weighs about 12 lb. Lives to play fetch and snuggle in bed with you.

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