Meatball needs surgery!

Jessica Hill White 41 mins ·  Several months ago we were asked for financial assistance from an owner with a pug with a kidney obstruction. This was the second time Meatball had a stone and would need surgery. ARTBAR covered the cost of Meatballs 1k medical needs and we returned him to his family.

We were updated by his mom not long ago that all was well and Meatball was doing great. Last night Meatball’s family contacted us because he is showing signs of another obstruction and they want to surrender him.

Things are in order today to get him to Danville Animal Clinic to see Dr. Toler. Meatball has been on a special diet to try to help him from getting stones but here we are again. I fully anticipate another surgery and hospitalization.

I met Meatball when he was hospitalized the last time, he is a small pug and very, very sweet.

Right now, we are asking for $1000 in donations
Donations can be made directly to the vet at 304-369-7001 (put it on account for ARTBAR) or here

Please help us help Meatball

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