Meatball Update

Meatball is missing his mom today. Shauna Leigh Nelson has kept me updated on what’s been going on with him over the weekend. She says his urine is less bloody today and he ate and drank. He remains catheterized.

Back in September he had stones removed and did well until last week when he got sick from a UTI and saw the doctor again. Then over the weekend he got very sick and couldn’t pee and his owner reached out to us for financial support. I posted yesterday that he has unexpectedly been hospitalized and what I thought would be a small bill is actually going to be at least $700.

I talked to Meatball’s mom yesterday about my concern with him having so many bladder problems at such a young age and that he may need to see a specialist which is very costly. She said later on if needed, she would surrender him to my rescue for him to get all the care he needs if this keeps up but right now she wants to keep him which I understand.

No donations have come in to cover Meatball’s care and return him to his mamma. There was a time ARTBAR never paid for vet care and returned animals to their owners but it’s something we have found joy in lately. There are good owners who just can’t afford big bills and I’ve started to understand that more in the last year. We’ve always made a couple of exceptions but those were mostly for seniors with senior pets. We think this service we’re able to provide is as good for the owner as it is for the dog when it is truly a good home, BUT no donations are coming in for this outreach we’re doing and it makes it hard for us to do.

Please consider donating for Meatball’s care.

You can call in donations to Sheabel Vet and tell them to put it on ARTBAR’s account.

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  1. You can call in donations to Sheabel Vet.

  2. scott whittle says:

    whats the name/number for meatballs’s vet?

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