Minnie is headed to the vet. Donations needed!

I got my snuggles in with Minnie last night. Today she headed to Lexington (along with Charli) to see Dr. Michelle Jude at Sheabel Veterinary Hospital. She needs a full work up, hopefully a dental if her senior labs and heart say she’s healthy enough, and she’s been itchy so something for that. Her back legs and hips are less stiff than when she came but still not normal and she’s not gaining weight so I figure a thyroid panel will be done.

I’m in a hurry for her to get back and we’re still en route to our volunteer transporter who is meeting us in Charleston!

I don’t have an estimate yet but I’d like to start at $2,000


If you donate toward a specific dog please note it on your donation so I can accurately track what is for who and what is still needed!

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