Minnie Pearl is outta the shelter!

Jessica Hill White

2h  · Minnie Pearl is outta the shelter 🙂

Thank you Loretta Koch for going to get her and our donors for coming through for this old lady. I can’t wait to get my hands on her. ❤️ Her lower mandible has deteriorated significantly, this is usually caused by rotting teeth that effect the bone and causes them to disintegrate and break or from an old fracture that was untreated. We’ve had several dogs like this and depending on their snout length- etc… they need hand fed. Minnie Pearl will be hospice due to her advanced age and the lower jaw, over time the bone will become nonexistent but that could be years in our experience. We don’t know what else she has going on but she will see a vet as soon as my broken truck is back on the road. We will look at permanent hospice options inside of ARTBAR, hospice rescue, or a hospice adopter.

If you would like to give Minnie Pearl a retirement home, please submit our adoption application. We can transport to northeastern states.

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