Penn has left the planet

Penn came to his forever home September 29th and if I’m honest with myself, I knew he would never leave. He was semi feral, wild eyed, and uncoordinated from his brain injury but he had learned and was still learning what it was to be loved. He left a changed dog, no longer eager to distance himself from me, learning to manage his quirky legs, and following me to the bedroom at night. Not right behind but soon I would hear his his steps down the hallway, his louder than the others because of his special front legs.

The dogs (forever and the passers through) taught him more love than I ever could and he was able to accept and enjoy it. The first time I saw Penn wag his tail or play was because of them. The first time I saw him play with foster puppies I think my heart warmed 10 degrees.

I knew I would lose Penn. I knew it the minute I laid eyes on him. I stopped trying to find placement for him way early in the beginning. I am thankful for his peaceful passing. I so often pray for a passing like Penn was given, for all of our dogs. Just a slipping from this world to the next, a soft transition.

He lived the most comfortable and highest quality life I could provide for him. Regularly he turned his nose up at the most expensive, best dog food money could buy for hot dog weenies, cheese puffs, and Oreos . You can take the dog out of the stray but not the stray out of the dog.  ❤️

He left on his favorite bed.


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