She Didn’t Die Alone

Jessica Hill White
April 7 at 5:12 PM

The car in front of me veered around her but didn’t stop. She was still moving. Laying on her right side. I could see the blood pooling at her head from my truck. I stopped my truck in the middle of the road and went to her. She was barley tremoring then. I touched her and spoke to her. I went to my truck for blankets to cover her. She was dying there and I couldn’t fix it. I didn’t want her gawked at.

Someone stopped I said she’s not mine. I didn’t hit her. I don’t know who did. I run a rescue but I can’t help her. They drove away. She died in minutes with me knelt down and my hands on her side with rain coming down.

People drove by.

I went to my truck for more blankets.

I wanted to get her off the pavement but when I lifted… the crunching rush of blood from under the blanket and the push of that last breath from her lungs by my arms made my head spin and I had to ease her back down. Someone else stopped. We moved her, I held her broken head in my hands as we laid her off the road. I added another blanket.

I saw this dog several times last week, loose in someone’s yard.

The neighbor had came out and confirmed it was that house’s dog.

No one was home, I left a note.

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