She died alone

She was cooling down so the ticks had detached and were crawling on her coat. Her stomach was sunken in because she was starving. The impact busted her body up but I picked her up and carried most of her to the grass. She wasn’t mine but no one else will move them and since I’ve seen her sporadically on this road, I felt like I owed it to her. I saw her last week and she looked tired. I put out food but she ran, same as always, and I never pushed her because of the traffic. I can guarantee you that 100 more vehicles drove by her body. Her story ended like a lot of stray dogs around here, dead and alone.


Sometimes strays just won’t come to me. I’d like to get a good quality trap to try to save them before this happens. Can anyone donate?

Here’s the details:

It’s $295 for this oversized heavy duty trap. Since it is an oversized item, it has to ship via freight which is another $243.16. Total needed is $538.16. This trap is large enough and strong enough to catch and contain a 60 lb dog.

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