Sheabel Vet Update

Today Alissa went to Lexington to get our dogs to Sheabel & bring some back!

Going are:

Holt, who has the most expensive leg in ARTBAR history, has started having a problem in the last couple days. Limping and he’s acting like he in pain…

Winslet, a pup we took in who almost died. She is going to have I’m not sure what done but we’re trying to stop her diarrhea and get her to put on some weight.

Dumpling, a senior Cocker Spaniel who is going for diagnosis and treatment of something serious going on with her hips or knees or both ACL. She’s already had a dental and surgery to remove a lipoma from her chest, a cyst from her ear, and mammary lumps that were benign. She also had to be completely shaved because she was so badly matted.

Coming home are:

Pixie who had a dental and lost most of her teeth.

Roxy who had a dental and an abscess was found. She’s going to be on drops to try to rehydrate her eyes.

Sweets who has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, lowest thyroid level possible. She has been started on meds. She’ll need to go back to Sheabel in 6 weeks for a recheck.

Still at Sheabel:

Baby Starfish who is recovering from two fractured elbows.

Lilly Beagle

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