Sheeba outgrew her body today.

Jessica Hill White

9 mins ·

Sheeba outgrew her body today, that happens when you spirit is bright but your vessel is tired.

I took this video Sunday, Shane Snyder doesn’t know and he’ll see it with the rest of the world. Here is a man standing in the cold rain, blowing on warm Chicken from KFC & Hand feeding Sheeba. I teared up just taking it. He was so happy she was eating, the day before he had driven her to three fast food places before he found something she would eat.

We bought as much quality time as we could with Sheeba, this wasn’t expected today. I honestly believe that Sheeba gave Shane as much time to accept her passing as her body would allow. Even more than I believe that, I believe it was the love and adventure that kept her in her body as long as she was.

When Sheeba came to ARTBAR a year and 1/2 ago we expected a few months- Shane and Shanna Snyder immediately started packing In car rides, vacations, shopping trips, home cooked meals, hikes, and beds- that never changed. Sheeba was an ARTBAR dog but Sheeba was Shane’s dog and Shane was her person.

I am so thankful for Shane & Shanna. Hospice fostering is extremely difficult and if you’ve ever loved an old dog, you understand that. The way Sheeba was treated truly humbles my heart, I can’t find the words for it. Their dedication to her and how important it was to them to make up for her life at the end of a chain- restored my faith in humanity.

I would say I’ll meet you at the bridge Sheeba, but I know exactly who you will be waiting on. ❤️

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