Sunday Morning Blues

Sitting here thinking about the vet bill at Sheabel and I’ve got the Sunday morning blues.

It’s over $10,000 that we owe at the moment.

How are we going to get this covered?

Anybody have any ideas?

On the plus side, Mia our Shih Tzu with a heart and skin condition, was finally stable enough to move on to her forever home yesterday. But that means her discharge from Sheabel’s care adds to our vet bill there. Every time they discharge a dog, that’s when they add the bill to our account.

We still have two ortho surgery dogs there, both of whom had surgery on both legs. Each surgery was estimated at $3,500, plus aftercare and follow up treatments and boarding costs. They are probably going to add $20,000 to our bill when they are released.

Jessica isn’t sleeping well for worrying about how to pay these bills. Donations have been slow to trickle in since the beginning of the year.

I hope someone (or a bunch of someones) can help us.

If you’d like to call Sheabel and donate directly there, put it on our account for ARTBAR. The number is 859-269-7387. If you need a receipt for your taxes, ask them to send you one. They can typically email receipts rather quickly.

Thanks for anything you can contribute. Jessica really appreciates every dollar you send to help our critters.

Please share this post on social media. We need all the help we can get.

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  1. Bette Green says:

    I founded and have run a 501c3 rescue for the last 20 years but I do follow artbar and donate when I can. Just a thought, how about a contest to raise money. Pick one of your current dogs you are working on and have a DNA test done. Wait until the test comes back so you know how many breeds are involved and sell guesses with a large prize for the winner that gets as close as they can get, say a gift basket with all kind of goodies worth 200.00. I would think with all your social media coverage it would go over. You would need to come up with a time frame for the contest, amount that a guess will cost, have someone to man the coverage before the contest starts getting the word out and also someone to keep track of the guesses. I would be glade to donate the DNA test and also cover the first prize.

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