Thank you ARTBAR supporters!

Our bill at Sheabel Vet is slowly edging downward but we still have a long way to go. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated! Jessica did receive the messages from those of you who’ve said you’ve called in your donation to Sheabel directly.

It’s been a rough few months for all of us. It’s nice to see that some of you are getting your lives financially back on track. Whew! Hope everyone is back to work soon!

Jessica continues to work hard to keep the residents of her nursing home healthy and so far so good! No cases. She’s exhausted though, both mentally and physically. And there’s no end in sight to procedural changes and testing schedules. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Here’s where we’re at as far as billable. There’s more in their system that hasn’t been billed to us yet because the dogs haven’t been released from their care yet, including Dumpling who’s had multiple orthopedic surgeries so when she is released our bill is going to jump up quite a bit again. Let’s hope we can get this part paid off quickly before that happens.

Please help us out by sharing this post on social media. Twitter, Facebook, wherever you hang out online. – We accept donations via Venmo, PayPal, Facebook, and checks. You can also call in a donation to Sheabel directly at the number below and tell them to put it on ARTBAR’s account. Thanks for anything you can contribute! All donations go into one fund and the vet bills are paid out of that fund.

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