Thriller has found his forever home!

His new parents are shy and don’t want their photos online, so all we can share are some photos of Thriller before he went on home. He now has an Akita/Husky sister and 6 cat siblings and lots of room to roam and romp in his huge 2 acre fenced yard. His new mom and dad will work on his training since he’s currently both jumpy and mouthy, but they just completely fell in love with him within minutes. His new sister initiated play with him in the first few minutes that they met, and Thriller was happy to join right in! Who couldn’t love this adorable hunk of a sweetheart? Have a wonderful life, Thriller! He’s a Husky/Black Lab mix which made for an awesomely wonderful personality!

Thriller’s vetting/boarding bill is $1,987. Donations needed!

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