Update from Frankie’s Adopter

I wanted to give everyone an update on Frankie, as so many people were involved in his rescue and rehoming. Frankie is now officially a Massachusetts dog, having come up on the 3/6 transport.

Pauline was kind enough to foster him until we could pick him up later in the week. Her wonderful vet did a follow up examine and found a stick stuck in the roof of his mouth which led to infections in a few of his teeth, as well as several fistulas. He’s had a follow up surgery to close up the fistulas and the infected teeth, and now he’s got a new lease on life.

Now that he’s at home, he’s really starting to settle in. He loves soft blankets and lots of pets. Yesterday sleeping on my daughter’s bed the whole morning while she was doing remote learning. He spends his days alternating between soft couches and soft beds, and nudging us to pay the squirrels a visit outside.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in his rescue, particularly ARTBAR for finding and rescuing him from his former shelter and saving his life.

Thank you!


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