Update on Frankie and Sonic

Biopsy results are in for Frankie (massive tumor) and Sonic (enlarged testicle).

BOTH came back as benign fat! Winning!

Here’s Frankie post-surgery (first pic) and before surgery (second pic). Frankie is eating well and Dr. Jude said he’s a hoot! He has an adopter ready to receive him as soon as he’s cleared for transport. Frankie’s going from a life of neglect, to being dumped in a shelter to die, to a happily ever after with a family dedicated to giving him the best life possible! Their kids are so excited about him!

Sonic just needs to get on a diet and lose a bunch of weight. He came in at 32 lb but he’s a Pug, so he’s massively overweight…and that’s why there was fat around that testicle. Here’s Sonic happily enjoying some couch time at Sheabel. He’s coughing post-neuter surgery so we’re waiting for the all clear for him to be released from the vet. It could be kennel cough or just irritation from the tube in his throat during surgery.

We still have thousands to pay at the vet, so any donations are greatly appreciated! https://artbar-wv.org/donate

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  1. Wendy Dapore says:

    The best news ever for these two boys! I am over the moon!!
    Thank you, Jessica, for giving them a second chance.

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