Update on Max…he’ll need surgery

Max update from the vet:

He has anal tone! Not sure how with no deep pain. I think worth stabilizing him with surgery and seeing if he can get better. He is a sweet, strong boy. Worst case scenario, he would need a cart. Estimate for surgery is $4,000. My gut tells me to give him a chance.

Jessica told the vet to proceed. Not only will he need surgery, but he’ll need to stay at the vet for several weeks afterward.

Now, of course, we need your support once again! Please donate and share on social media. Jessica has shut down intake of more dogs until we can get a handle on the fundraising for Max. Come on supporters, we know you can do it! Let’s help this guy get a chance at life!

Message from Jessica:

Max’s spinal cord is severed. It’s a devastating injury. It was confirmed a few hours ago but I’m really sick and had not made a decision about what to do for Max, plus I was waiting to hear more from Dr. Jude.

My immediate reaction was tears, cuss words, and panic BUT Jack’s spinal cord was also severed and with time he regained the ability to walk and has some lasting b&b issues but not bad.

So I calmed down a little.
There’s that little tiny ray of hope.

Dr. Jude just got back to me and says he has anal tone but no deep pain response so we’re pretty much lucky because it shouldn’t really be possible. She thinks we should proceed with surgery to stabilize his spine and at least try to help him. So do I. We’re on the same page.

Surgery estimate is $4,000.
I have to have it.
I have to try, for him.
He wants to live.

Under that bandage you see were countless maggots eating at a wound under his tail. The maggots tunneled all the way up his back under his skin.


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