$5,000 Matching Donor Challenge!

We have until February 7th to raise $5,000 and an anonymous donor will match it! We have huge vet bills piling up for these dogs. Some have to stay at Sheabel for aftercare treatments, which means boarding bills in addition to surgery bills. Jessica is losing sleep over how much we owe but there’s no way she could turn down medical cases for such sweet dogs! They deserve a chance! Please help! https://artbar-wv.org/donate

Our billed balance at Sheabel (not including the dogs below) was $5,740 as of January 30th for various assorted dogs and regular vetting plus health issues. That balance is after we paid $9,000 on it in the past week. $5,740 billed still sitting there waiting for payment. In addition to that, the dogs below have not been added to our invoice yet. Dogs are billed on our account once they are released from Sheabel.

Judy Beagle: Ongoing ear issues, went to Sheabel a few weeks ago to try to resolve. Last ditch effort to resolve after regular treatments failed is surgery to remove part of ear canal. boarding, treatments, surgery, estimate $2,500 (still at vet, not billed yet)
Maisie, tiny pup surrendered due to local vet diagnosing as diabetic and owner unable to care for her. Sent to Sheabel. Dr. Jude assessed and watched blood work for days, not diabetic. Apparently stress hyperglycemia and just frail on intake. Still at vet. Now gaining weight. Estimate $1,000 (not billed yet). This is why we send so many to Dr. Jude at Sheabel. Higher standard of care and diagnosis than we can get locally. It’s not cheap but their lives are worth it. ARTBAR will never choose cheap over quality when it comes to veterinary care.
Miley, vomited a plastic bag, x-ray of stomach looked questionable, Dr. Jude went in and found a fibrous band around her stomach which she removed and then tacked the stomach to avoid bloat, estimate $3,000 for treatment, surgery, boarding.
Harley, pulled from shelter due to balding, mange, boarding, regular vetting, estimate $800 (still at vet)
Daisy, 2 cherry eye surgeries, regular vetting, boarding, estimate $1,200, not billed yet (still at vet)
Rocko: Still at vet, not billed yet, estimate $7,000 for 2 ortho surgeries for broken back legs that healed incorrectly due to no veterinary care before we got him
Dexter, not billed yet, jaw snapped in two, 2 ortho surgeries, regular vetting, boarding, estimate $5,000 (still at vet)
Ongoing aftercare (laser, accupuncture) after bad reaction to heartworm treatment left her paralyzed. Not billed yet. $thousands. We have no estimate, but she’s been going to the regularly vet for months in the hope of getting her mobility and continence back. We got her on 6/10/19. If we had to take a wild guess, it’s at least $2,000
Dumpling, not billed yet, 2 ortho surgeries, boarding, after care treatments (still at vet), estimate $7,000. She also had other veterinary care done at different vets including tumor removals and regular vetting.

There are more dogs we haven’t listed here who just went in for regular vetting or things like treatments for parasites. Probably another several thousand dollars for those. Our donate page is linked below.

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