Baby Starfish’s Story

11/2 This pup was found on family property under a cliff but also near a road and ditch around 2pm. At that time she could walk but can no longer do so and has declined in health.  The finder has agreed to drive her to the ER vet for us, but she’s a bit of a drive. ETA is 2 am. No closer vets open.

11/3 After an exam by the ER vet, it’s been determined that it’s a pinched nerve and vertebrae at base of her head. They said it should resolve with anti-inflammatory meds and rest. She does have a fractured wrist but just hairline that doesn’t need set or splinted.  She’s currently incontinent of her bladder but that should resolve. She’s going to stay at the ER vet until Monday.

11/4 She can’t be bathed for a few more days per the vet. She’s moving around a little and able to pull her self up with her front legs.

11/5 Baby Starfish is back at the vet!  She needs her first puppy vaccine, a fecal, dewormer, flea/tick prevention, med refill, and I’m concerned about the fracture in her leg. I think it needs splinted!

11/5 No splint needed. The other bone is supporting the fracture.  Worms and ear infections, though.

11/7 Baby Starfish is constipated and not feeling well from it. She was dewormed last night so I figured that would move things along but it hasn’t. If she doesn’t poop in a couple hours I have to find the “move things along” medicine.

11/22 I am livid! Baby Starfish saw two vets here. First an emergency vet said she had a hairline fracture in one leg that would heal and that her inability to use her front legs was due to a disc or nerve problem. She needed time and they recommend a CT or MRI of her spine. When the crunching in her leg continued and she didn’t have any improvement upon completion of her meds, I took her to another vet to see if we could splint the leg with the hairline fracture. I took her original X-ray with me to this second vet. He palpated her limbs and such and said no need for new x-rays and no need for splint. So I refilled her meds there and waited. Today she went to Sheabel because I wanted a CT or MRI of her spine to see what we could find and what we could do. Dr. Jude did repeat x-rays and found two shattered elbows. HOW DID 2 VETS MISS THIS? She will have surgery this coming week to repair both elbows.

11/23 Surgery is TODAY for repair of both of Baby Starfish’s shattered elbows.  Initially surgery was going to be early next week but too much time is passing and with the holiday coming up, the surgeon we use is going out of town so Dr. Jude was able to come through for us and get this going for today! Prognosis is great with long term effect of arthritis.

11/23 Baby Starfish is awake and recovering.  Acupuncture has begun.

11/24 Baby Starfish is up this morning already standing on those repaired legs!

11/24 Baby Starfish got to sit outside on the ground for the first time since we got her!

Video of Starfish taking her first steps after surgery!

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