Dumpling’s Story

A nearby shelter asked us if we could take a senior Cocker Spaniel. We agreed. Her name is Dumpling. Her owners surrendered her at 12 years old! She went to the vet for regular vetting, senior blood work, and a dental. One vet didn’t want to be bothered with doing anything else for her because she’s old. Well, you know how we feel about that! We are going to give her the best rest of her life as possible!

We quickly discovered that Dumpling had a lump on her chest. It appeared to be a fatty tumor, so off to the vet she went. Under all her matted hair, the vet also found a lump on her ear and mammary lumps, so surgery was done on all of those on the same day. The chest lump was just a fat lump. We waited nervously for a week for the biopsy on her ear and chest lumps. Result: NEGATIVE, it’s not cancer! Just cyst materials in there. Whew!

Dumpling went off to the groomer who unfortunately had to shave her completely down due to intense matting. How long was she like that? She must have been in a lot of pain. Poor old gal! No more mats now!

BUT…when she got back to her foster home, without all the hair hiding it, her foster mom could see that she could not walk properly. She took the video below which we sent to Dr. Jude at Sheabel. Dr. Jude said she needs surgery on both legs, that it’s either torn ACL’s or bad knees. She is heading over to Sheabel on Saturday 11/30 and we now need to fund raise around $6,000 for another big surgery!

Can you help?

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