Skipper’s Story

Skipper was running as a stray for several months before someone finally decided it was getting too cold for him to be roaming outdoors and they contacted us to take him in.

Fortunately for Skipper, he was healthy and seemed fairly well fed. Perhaps people near where he was roaming had put food out for him. A fortunate stray.

One of our rescues committed to taking him in, so off he went to the vet and he left us on rescue transport on 11/2.

After arriving in foster care at the rescue, he settled in with their pack over the course of the first week and turned out to be a sweet and affectionate boy who liked to follow his foster mom around the house.

Within less than two weeks, adopters nearby had submitted an application on him and off the rescuer went to meet his potential family. It went SO well that Skipper was adopted that day. He’s got a cat for a sibling and gets to go to work with his mom often. They adore him and are delighted that Skipper has chosen them to be his forever people. They couldn’t get enough of petting and loving on him at the adoption meeting and he was just taking it all in. Skipper is officially HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! All updates from his adoptive mom have been full of joy and delight and thankfulness for getting the chance to be his family. From WV stray to beloved family member in the course of several weeks. Have a great life, Skipper!

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