Emmie’s Story

6/20 – This small female Beagle was hit by a car 4 days ago and has laid in the shelter not eating or using the bathroom for 3 days. She can’t use her back leg. Another rescue was going to pay for her vet care but wasn’t able to. We were just made aware of her today. We need to get her to the vet.

It turned out her pelvis was broken and she needed FHO surgery on her hip. Shane Snyder fostered her for us through the surgery, recovery, and rehab work. Thank you, Shane! It took several months of work and play but finally Emmie was ready to be transferred to a partner rescue.

On 10/12/19, Emmie was transferred to Happy Dog Rescue in northeastern Pennsylvania. Her foster mom reports that she’s a goofy, delightful imp of a dog. She loves people and playing with other dogs. She’s also very interested in playing with their cat but most of the time their cat isn’t having it. LOL

Despite multiple applications, Emmie is still in search of her forever home. Adopters have given various reasons for not wanting her including: I’ve decided I’m not ready to adopt; she sounds like she’d be too much for our cats (her foster mom agreed); we just lost our senior dog and can’t take another dog with medical issues (Emmie has no ongoing medical issues so that was an odd response but maybe they are just still grieving their dog.).

Meanwhile, Emmie is bouncing around and playing and informing the squirrels outside of the fenced yard that she wants to get to them! In typical Beagle fashion, Emmie’s always got her nose to the ground or in the air sniffing for things to chase! She is housebroken, crate trained, LOVES toys, and might actually excel at agility since she likes to run, jump, and climb. She’s medium energy and will entertain herself with a toy when the other dogs get tired of playing. Beagle lovers, Emmie is a great little Beagle! She’s about 2 years old and only weighs 21 lb!

If anyone is interested in adopting Emmie, here’s the link to her listing. Please help us get the word out about her, especially to PA/NJ area adopters.

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