Ellie has a crushed pelvis!

I’ve gotten bad news back on Ellie. Her pelvis is crushed, her liver enzymes her elevated, and she has a bad infection (probably the wounds on her legs),

I had not committed to Ellie at the shelter. Initially, ARTBAR only offered to cover her vetting for a diagnosis. And now that we have it, of course we will be committing. She is in dire, urgent need of medical care and surgery.

The vet she is at can’t fix her. I tried to get them to keep her overnight but they are a small facility and have no room so she has to go back to the shelter. 💔 The shelter closes at 4. I talked to the clinic 5 minutes ago but there’s just no time for anyone to get her today. She must be kept extremely crate confined at this time. I’m awaiting the x-rays to show our vet here and to send to Cross Lanes to see if they can do her surgery.

I don’t know if anyone can fix her, but we’re going to try.

We’re looking at another very expensive vet bill. I’m going to estimate at $5,000. Can anyone please help us help Ellie?


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  1. Linda says:

    Would you consider letting me have Dr Isaac at Valley West look at the xrays? He is helping me with a similar dog I have caring for for Kim perry.

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